Actually, everyone thinks Peter Doocy is an idiot

On a hot mic, Joe Biden made the ultimate gaffe: he told the truth.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden if he thought inflation was a political liability in the midterm election. Biden did not respond to Doocy, but a microphone picked up an under-the-breath answer: “That’s a great asset — more inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch.”

Biden has been pretty straightforward when it comes to questions he doesn’t like – particularly from Fox News. Last week, he said a question from reporter Jacqui Heinrich was “stupid” because it was: Heinrich asked why Biden was waiting for Russian President Vladimir Putin to “make the first move” on Ukraine, which seems logical until you think about it for five seconds. Is Biden supposed to invade Ukraine first?

These questions aren’t real. The goal here is either that Biden takes the bait and responds to a question with no good answer or that he ignores the bait and Fox News gets to say that their reporters are being ignored by the White House. It’s a win-win for the network.

The practice of asking extremely dumb leading questions is not something Fox News has a monopoly on but it certainly is something they’ve perfected. But it falls short when the network sends out someone to ask a dumb question to an old man, the natural enemy of the dumb question and the hack who asks it.

Anyway, here’s Peter Doocy – the same guy who asked Biden about inflation – asking the late John McCain if he would ever gently cuddle the Very Good President Donald Trump Who Everyone Loves: