It hasn’t felt like this in a long time

Cities across the U.S. broke out in spontaneous celebration after the Associated Press projected that Joe Biden will win Pennsylvania and, thus, the presidency. In Philadelphia and Atlanta – which were critical to Biden’s victory – revelers took to the streets while in other cities they flocked to parks, public squares, and waterfronts.

It’s the kind of celebration the U.S. hasn’t seen in a long time. Even the 2008 victory of Barack Obama, which saw perhaps the biggest election day celebrations in decades, was nothing like today.

Why? Well, it’s probably because Americans, by and large, haven’t had much to celebrate in four years. With a global pandemic and an economy slipping downwards, 2020 has been pretty universally declared the worst year ever. And yet here we are, five days after “election day,” watching as a majority of voters reject Trumpism. For those who reject Trumpism, too, today is a day for celebration.

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