What’s changing with Salt & Granite?

On my personal Facebook a week ago, I revealed that there were some big changes happening in my personal and professional lives. Fundamentally, those changes boiled down to one big one: this project, which has been a pet project for me, is now a work one.

Throughout March, Salt & Granite will slowly convert into Owl Line, a Patreon-backed service from the fine folks at Glyphcore (of which I am one!). The S&G name won’t be going too far, though, as we’ll still use it for New England content on Owl.

What’s Owl? It’s a combination of many disparate topics, from news and politics to arts and entertainment. But all of it will have the distinctive voice that I’ve been building here (and earlier on Perradox) for the past few years.

In a lot of ways, this is the culmination of a longtime dream. I hope that you stick with us – especially me.